Happy Thursday everyone!!!

I’m so glad Friday is right around the corner. My kids as well as myself caught a cold so we’ve all been a bit fussy 😦

We are working on a few more dolls and I’m hoping that they make an appearance Saturday evening (April 12). But they will definitely be in the shop by Sunday morning at the latest. The girls with the low pigtails seem to be more of a favorite. Wonder why? Do they appear to be a bit more grown up? I wonder…

Other updates…my mother bought me a sewing machine!!! I’m so excited and since I know nothing about them and really did not have much time to research them, I am eternally grateful. Only problem is I’m now going to have to learn how to use it! The one good thing about sewing by hand is that I can be as meticulous as I want to be. And for those of you who know me, you know what that entails. I can be a bit OCD (obsessive compulsive) so even if that means I have to rip out stitches and start all over because they are not lined up…so be it! I also find it to be very accomplishing…that I can create a doll just using my hands and nothing else! I’m sure the machine will speed up the process but I imagine I will still hand sew some of the details.

My kids and I start a class tomorrow and then our busy schedule will resume the following week. BTW, twins are almost 2 and keep my on my toes all day until they go to bed at about 7:30. We are taking an “intro to preschool” class at a nearby college and a reading class at the library. They don’t actually teach you how to read…just don’t know what to call it. The librarian reads stories to them and they get to do a little craft project at the end.

This will be quite a busy month for us. My husband’s birthday is next week and I have been busy planning my kids’ birthday party in May.

Anyways, look out for the shop update. You never know…we may name one of the dolls after your daughter!