Unfortunately the bulb finally burned out on our big screen tv, and Mr. Best Buy is coming next week to replace the bulb.  I was so sad thinking that I would be missing American Idol, American Idol Elimination, America’s Next Top Model, and The Office.  However, my hubby reminded me that we have our lil ol 22″ grainy tv in our bedroom.  Better than nothing, right?

I’m actually going to use this week to start making the line of the “lil sis” dolls.  J and I have been contemplating on whether or not we should incorporate accessories, and I think we finally made up our minds of how we’re going to distinguish the lil ones from the big ones.  Just wait and see!

My next personal project is going to be making a sewing machine cover.  I found a couple free patterns online, but do you have any suggestions of where to go for a simple and EASY pattern for a cover?  Now that my dining area has been turned into a makeshift sewing room, it’s been making me go crazy!  I have to figure out a way to clean up the area without having to really “clean up”.