I’m pretty proud of myself…I think I read the manual about a dozen times, studied all the parts of the machine, watched the instructional DVD, and figured out how to use the sewing machine. Hooray! Although I was able to sew my first doll with the machine last night, I did consider at one point (when I got frustrated with the machine) to just finish the doll by hand. I’m so excited! Imagine all the things I can do with this machine! Now, if there was only more time in a day.

Here’s a picture of a rabbit I whipped up the other night. It is going to a dear, sweet friend of mine.

If you love to sew by hand, Sock Dolls is a great book to get. They have quick and easy projects and the animals are all made out of socks and gloves. Too cute!

I made some for my kids and they love them!

My sis and I have been busy brainstorming and creating. We finally made a lil sis who will be appearing is in the shop soon. She is Lila’s lil sister.

Lots more dolls to come…