To blog or not to blog…I have been contemplating about this and I think by blogging about it, I’ll feel a bit better.

Guess Etsy is a bit cutthroat afterall 😦 We received a disheartening “convo” last night. Basically, another Etsy seller insinuated/accused/whatever you want to call it, of “copying” her design. First off, I do not feel like I need to explain anything to anybody. However, her convo brings up a big question. If you can’t find a doll that you like in its entirety but get inspiration from other dolls and create one with everything you like and include your own ideas, why is that considered “stealing” someone else’s design? Every crafter/designer gets inspiration from others and if this seller truly felt like her design/doll was that original, I would think she would have patented it. But then again, how can you patent something that has been around for years???

I could go on and on but really, where will that get me? It was just not a nice convo or feeling.

Sorry for the not-so-happy emotions behind this post but need to get it off my chest. What can you do…you can’t please everybody, right? Thanks for listening 🙂

Big sis