not from sewing, of course!

Funny story…when I think about it, it cracks me up. So it has been extremely hot in LA…94 degrees yesterday! I decided in the morning that I was going to pull out our inflatable swimming pool for the kids. I knew that it wasn’t going to be an easy task. It is not a small pool (my kids and I can fit inside the pool comfortably)! There was NO WAY that I was going to attempt to blow up this pool with my own air 🙂 so I got out my handy dandy exercise ball pump and started pumping away. It was probably in the 80s when I started pumping and boy was it hot outside! Meanwhile my kids are running around the backyard in their diapers wanting to give the pump a try. I’m working my legs, my arms, dripping with sweat, when my pump decides to tear! I nearly gave up but decided to take a break and have some lunch with the kids. So we all went back inside…just enough time to get some energy back and cool down. Out we go again…I SOOOO needed the pump. So I taped it up and started again. FINALLY, it was ready to go. My kids were so excited and I was so excited for them. Yeah!

And do you know how long they stayed in this pool??? A whole 15 minutes!!!!!!! It was worth all the sweat…to see them all excited and splashing away for 15 minutes.

We were working on some new projects and the brown cat is now in the shop. They are adorable, soft pillows!

What do you think about the black one? Scary? My husband, who is not superstitious, thought that it was a bit scary because of its color. My sis thought so too. Don’t know…I still think it’s cute. Look at that face…how could it be scary?

Introducing…Hanna the #1 lil sprinkles troop leader

Too cute!

Anyways, hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday! One birthday down and one to go. I’ll be busy the next week or so planning, shopping, decorating the house for an Elmo themed party.

Big sis