I have one kid up and one down so I have a quick second to let you all know about our new project.

They are PAPERWEIGHTS!!! How cute are they! I know I’m a bit biased…my daughter loves them too. I think it’s because they are so tiny, standing at about 6 inches tall. They fit perfectly in her hands. I’ve had to hide the ones for sale in the closet. OMG…what she would do if she saw this closet full of dolls!

The one in the middle is in the shop. What are your thoughts on the legs? She’s the first one I did and I thought it was cute that her legs just dangled off the bookshelf. But you know my critics…hubby and sis…thought they looked a bit goofy/unfinished. The other two are “legless” but so so very cute because they so so very tiny!

Where I got the name? My daughter thinks that all dolls are called “Chloe”. Her first doll that she received during Christmas was named “Chloe” and so she seems to think that all dolls are called Chloe as well. So I just went with it.

OK…both are up now. Let me know what you think?

Big sis