My hubby is my BFF and my harshest critic. In his defense, his mind is programmed to be all about business, being practical, being efficient, etc. Can you guess what he does for a living?

When my sis and I decided to start our Etsy shop, we didn’t really do too much research on it. We were just excited about crafting and hoping that other people would like our stuff. There are no regrets on my end about our start but I am starting to wonder if I actually NEEDED to do some researching. Etsy is just as crazy as Ebay!!! They have forums out there to tell you how to sell, how to market yourself, how to price items, how to do this and that, what not to do, what to do, you get the picture. If we had opened the shop pre-twins, maybe I would have done that. Being a bit of an over achiever, perhaps I would have read about everything, created my spreadsheets (actually have my husband do it…I’m so terrible when it comes to Excel), done a survey, took a poll, again you get the picture…but I unfortunately did not have the time and mindset to do so. Bare with me…remember I like to ramble…so does that mean I’m not serious about my shop? My hubby would probably say “no”. He probably would think that since I didn’t do all of that stuff, our shop is not a true “business”. Which make me wonder…what is our end goal? And do we really need to have one?

Don’t really know where I am going with all of this, just wanted to put it out there.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Big sis