Before I begin, I just want to give a shout out to silliesmile and thank her (which is long overdue) for the fabric swap we did several weeks ago!  I scored some cute chenille fabric, Japanese kawaii swatches, and a bunch of colorful, geometric ones as well!  Check out her etsy shop – she sells one of a kind bibs for a GREAT price!

Fabric Swap My goodies!

So big sis and I have been contemplating on making tags and adding them to our store.  I love tags and think they are such a fun way of personalizing a gift or using them to just write a sweet note and giving them to friends and family.  Also, they would be great scrapbook fillers as all the products we would use are acid free and lignin free.

The first batch of tags will probably be geared towards baby gift tags, so I’ve been thinking of cute, cuddly creatures to draw and came up with a lion.

I tried to draw an elephant, but the trunk keeps coming out distorted and a bit sad-looking!  I gotta keep practicing!

Anyhow, I love the tags from Paper Princess especially the monogram scalloped tags, which btw are sold out!

They’re just so whimsical (added that word to my vocab ever since I joined etsy…isn’t it such an “etsy” word)??