I survived.

My kids had a blast at their birthday party. Didn’t get to sew much for obvious reasons but I did manage to make them these characters.

It’s a silly cartoon character. I was so excited for them to open these up, but I couldn’t compete with Thomas the train, Lil Pets, and all the other presents 😦 Oh well, I had fun making them and they have found a home in their cribs 🙂

Here are two girls that I have been working on.

Taylor, the red head, is in the shop. She’s so cute with her tiny freckles! I’ve been struggling with her lil friend. Should she carry a book bag? Should she wear a shawl? a scarf? I love the lil bows that the girls are wearing. I had some fabric left after making their tops so I just used the scraps to make tiny bows for their hair. I hate wasting fabric so these tiny pieces came in handy…just takes a bit of patience and time.

My sis and I finally ordered some Japanese fabric. CANNOT wait to see them, hold them, use them! So very excited! They will look so darling on the girls.

We have some exciting things happening in our lives right now…but I will have to hold my tongue for now. I always seem to jinx things. I know, don’t you hate it when people bring up things and then say “never mind”. Oh…the suspense. We shall all find out in the next couple of weeks. Until then, happy Wednesday!

Big sis