So finally the tags we ordered are here!  I’m super excited to go to the post office to pick them up.  I’m bummed that the sender required a signature from me and since I work full time, the post office man left one of those notes to come tomorrow to pick them up.  I’ll post pics tomorrow of our lil tags!

I decided to try a paperweight because big sis kept raving about how quickly they can be made, and she was right!  I was able to sew, stuff, and finish the doll in record time.  Here is another Chloe paperweight that will be added to our shop tomorrow.


I decided to make a bucket she could hold that would actually be functional – so voila~  She can hold paperclips, push pins, small lil trinkets, you name it.   Big sis has a cute boy she’ll be adding to our collection later this week, and he looks so precious in his boyish outfit.

We’ve been going crazy over our fabrics that just came in, and I squealed with delight when my package came in the mail yesterday.  Here is what some of our dolls will be wearing pretty soon —

owl and girlhedgehog and beepatchwork

I can’t wait!

I can’t also wait for ‘So you think you can dance’ which starts 5/22…

-lil sis, tv junkie