my lil sis is having a lil one of her own!!! She is approaching her 2nd trimester so I’m finally able to share it with the world. It is very exciting for us all…my kiddos and hers won’t be too many years apart and they can grow up together! My sis and I were worried about that since she’s 5 years younger than I am. Oh…and I’m crossing my fingers that she eventually quits her job and moves closer to me 🙂 How fun would that be! My kids love her and any time my phone rings, they think it’s her. And when it is her, they HAVE to talk to her in their oh-so-shy voices. CONGRATS LIL SIS!!! Can’t wait to make lots of softies for your lil one!

Other news…we are taking a mini vaca next week to San Diego. Our last vaca to Hawaii was not a well rested, relaxing one. We knew that traveling with twins would be a challenge (they were 1.5 at that time) but…let’s just say, my husband and I couldn’t wait to get home. So we swore that we would not do another plane trip until they were older. Can’t wait to visit the zoo and Sea World. Kids are so excited and have been talking about it for days. In fact, every night we read about all the animals/sea creatures we will be seeing. Let’s just hope this vaca turns out to be better.

Crafty news…we have been thinking about diversifying our dolls. So hopefully soon, you will start to see these girls in the shop. Not sure if getting a darker color cotton or staining the lighter one will look better so I’ll need to do some experimenting. I have yet to take pictures of my lil boy paperweight. Oops! I had taken a bunch but never downloaded them…don’t know where my head is sometimes.

I added so many details to him and he turned out very spiffy. I’m thinking about making a big version of him when I get back. Here he is with his g-friend!

That’s it for now. The weather went from being in the 90s to the 70s. It has been so windy and gloomy the past couple of days. If only I could just jump into bed and take a long nap…if only…

Big sis