that when the going gets tough, the men just fold????????

I bet you know how our mini-vaca went. Let’s just say it became an overnight trip. It was a disappointing one but we still managed to take the kids to Sea World. They LOVED Shamu, so in the end, it was worth it. My kids both came down with something some time during the overnight trip. Was it the stress of being away from home? the “travel mode” my husband gets into when we are out of our comfort zone? the ocean breeze? the lack of sleep? Maybe it was all things combined. I still feel bad that we weren’t able to take them to the zoo so my plan is take them by myself! I don’t know if I will be able to handle it on my own but if I mentally prepare myself to do something, I always do it. What will this solo trip entail?

1. Packing our snack bag the night before, packing the backpack with enough diapers for 2, a change of clothes, hats, sunscreen, toys for the car ride, directions to the zoo (I always seem to get lost), map of the zoo, itinerary for the day, and my sanity!

2. Getting them both dressed by 7:00am

3. Leaving the house no later than 7:15am with breakfast in their hands

4. Driving for 2 hours…hopefully not in traffic but you know how horrible traffic is here!

5. Being the first one there 🙂 Pushing their double stroller around. Hopefully my handy dandy map will eliminate wasting precious time. And then push them to the point of meltdowns, fussiness due to missing their scheduled nap, and then drive 2 hours back in mad traffic!

Will I survive the outing? We shall see. Anyways, I have a week to fully prepare myself for the madness. I always wonder…would it be this difficult with just one kid? Granted…my kids are not the type to adjust easily to new/different situations. It always takes them a bit. I always tell my husband “what do you expect…they have a dragon as a mother and a tiger as a father (our Chinese signs)”. When you have such strong personalities, how can we expect to have mellow, super easy kids, right?

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather myself, which means I’ve been pushing aside all my projects. There is one thing I have really really wanted to do, which is learn how to quilt. I use to think that it was very grandma-ma-ish but perhaps it is with getting older that I can really appreciate all the hard work and attention to details a quilt takes. Don’t think that I can add that to my plate right about now but it will definitely be on my list of things to do in the future.  I did manage to make a sock doll (again from that book I mentioned before) for my dear friend who is expecting. She’s not on the computer much so I’m sure I’ll be safe to post a picture. She is actually getting 2 dolls, one for the new baby and one for her current baby (who is 2 also). The penguin is a new line that my sis and I are planning on including in our shop…someday 🙂

Oh! and here’s our new tag!!! Very simple but cute, I think. Thanks lil sis for doing the research and design.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Big sis