So you already heard from my sis, but I’m preggers! I’m so excited, happy, nervous…basically a big ball of emotions. I’ll be having a winter baby which is good news especially since it can get terribly hot here year round. However, my pregnancy has been a tough one. I assumed I was going to have horrible morning sickness because my mom and sis had it pretty bad, but I’m just wondering if it’s ever going to end for me. I heard that some moms get sick throughout their 2nd and 3rd! Yikes! I keep reminding myself that this is all temporary and the lil miracle is going to be all worth it. Positive thoughts! Thanks to big sis and some mommy friends from church, I have a great support system and advice-givers which I’m so grateful for.

The Exciting News #2 is that we sold our place, and we are moving by the end of this month! It’s all happening so fast. We found a couple apartments to move into, and they’re all located deeper in the valley. The city we’re thinking about moving to is exactly half the distance between my work and W’s work. It’s also known as the “Armpit of the Valley”. Sound hot? W and I enjoy the heat and don’t mind it especially when there’s a nice pool to lounge around in, but I’m wondering if the heat is going to bother me when I’m a big ol preg lady. Once again, I have to think positively and remind myself it’s only temporary. Who knows where I’ll end up in 2009?!

As for my doll making, it’s slowed down a bit because I’ve had to keep my place spic and span while potential buyers came in and out to visit. I showcased all the dolls on my bookshelf though with our lil sprinkles sign in case they liked what they saw! Haha I imagined that someone would offer to purchase all the dolls rather than purchase my house! Silly me. Thank goodness the opposite occurred.

Big sis and I might have more exciting news in the coming days, so stay tuned for #3!

lil sis