the good kind. I had a few custom orders to complete this week. For some reason, doing custom orders is a bit anxiety provoking, i must say. I put this enormous amt of pressure on myself to make the dolls perfect! Of course, every doll I make, I try to make perfect but knowing that these dolls were going to specific people just added a bit of pressure to the whole doll making process. From start to finish, it takes me about 3 sessions πŸ™‚ By sessions, I mean, free time. There’s a lot of thinking that needs to be done prior to the start of the doll. For example, what will she wear? Will this top match her skirt? Will she wear tights? What color will her boots be? How should she wear her hair? You know…all the things we girls think about. My husband likes to say “it’s not a fashion show” but sometimes it is!!! πŸ™‚

After all that is figured out, then I can get started on the cutting, sewing, stuffing, etc. And you would think I’d be done but there’s still more thinking/contemplating involved. What color should her bag be? What kind of bag should she carry? Barrettes? Flowers? well…you get the picture. And then…the most scary part about it all. PAINTING HER FACE! The concentration it takes! And then you look at the finished product and smile b/c she turned out so cute! and you hope that someone else (besides your daughter and lil sis) will find her to be cute as well.

So here are some pictures of the dolls that I made this week.

These cuties will be flying to Chicago to my nieces. They are a big sis/lil sis duo!

And here’s one that is going to a mommy-to-be.

I think I deserve an evening to rest πŸ™‚

Big sis