OK…so I have not gotten much encouragement about my venture to SD Zoo by myself so I am reconsidering my little outing with the kids. Normally, this would make me even more determined to go but I’m feeling very anti about having to sit in 3 hours of traffic…and that would just be ONE WAY!!! So I’m going to do the next best thing…take them to the LA Zoo. I hear that it’s not as nice but hubby promised to take a day off some time next year so that we could take them to the one in SD. I’m kidding! He just works so darn much 🙂

My in-laws are in Chicago right about now which means I may lose my mind by the end of this week. Didn’t realize how much I depend on them to take the edge off! Although they don’t babysit the kids for long periods of time, having them over or taking them over for an hour or 2 helps me gather myself. We shall see how I hold up.

The funniest thing happened right now…my son just woke up from his nap and I usually have to rock him so that he’ll sleep for another hour. Well, his eyes were clearly open but he could have been in a daze or in one of those sleep cycles…anyways, he started to crack up! Not just a giggle. Laughing hysterically! I looked down at him and he’s looking right at me! At this point, I’m trying so hard not to laugh b/c I really do want him to go back to sleep but I know that if I engage, he’ll want to get up. But I couldn’t stop myself. I started to laugh which only made him laugh harder! Haven’t you ever had those moments with your friends…when one laughs uncontrollably for no apparent reason and it just causes a chain reaction? The sound of his laughter, pure and innocent…it is the best sound.

Lil sis and I have decided to hold off on posting more dolls in our shop. We have both been so busy and have so many things going on right now. So busy that we haven’t seen each other in almost a month. I can’t wait to see how big her belly has gotten!

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!

Big sis