Busy, Busy, Busy!

Can this week get any crazier?  I’ve been packing non-stop, working on 3 custom paperweights, and also trying to adjust to my changing body!  I’ve only lived with my hubby for three years, but it’s quite amazing how much crap we have accumulated in such a short amount of time.  I’m moving this Sunday, so wish me luck!

I have to talk about my latest obession – buying clothes from Target. Target has to be one of my top favorite stores to buy nonsense things, but I’ve never actually bought clothes until this week. Their maternity shorts and dresses are pretty cute and super affordable. I’ve gone three times this week and I really shouldn’t be spending time there since I haven’t even finished packing.

I bought this dress but in pink with a halter string around the neck:

I’m a bit of a celebrity tabloid girl, so I had to get in on the maxi dress craze that all the pregnant celebrities have been sporting around town. Unfortunately I’m not going to drop hundreds on a dress, so I’ve resorted to go bargain shopping for one…Target! Big sis and I need a break from fabric shopping, so we’re making a pit stop to the Ella Moss/Splendid Sample Sale this weekend! I can’t wait because their clothes are so comfy and perfect for my big ol belly!

Now, to the dolls…here are some of the custom dolls I made –

The Cal decal was provided by the buyer, and I just loved the idea. We might continue with making boy paperweights with college decals and maybe a Lakers one too even though they completely choked this year. Ho hum…next year. I still ❤ Kobe!

The next one was a personalized doll for a lil one named Malia. PLEASE EXCUSE the trash bag behind her. I honestly didn’t have any place to take this picture and the trash bag is not for trash but for my clothes. I’m terrible at taking pictures and it’s mainly due to my camera…it’s so confusing to use. My hubby is planning to buy a fancy smancy camera before the lil one arrives. I’m so bummed cause it’s one that won’t fit in my purse but will have to be carried around in a mini backpack!

The 3rd paperweight is yet to be posted because my camera ran out of batteries, and I’ve already packed the battery pack. Till next time…

-lil sis