Just kidding…but I still feel way behind. How many dolls can actually fit on a 6 foot table???

The whole family has been grossly sick for the past 2 weeks! …in 90 degree weather!!! My son got sick and we thought my daughter was safe but then she got sick, then me, and my husband…let’s just say he’s been sick for the last month! I’m finally starting to feel better and can think straight.

Here are some completed dolls. I’ve been trying so hard to take better pictures but with limited time, lighting and knowledge on how to take better pictures, this is what you all get stuck with. Sorry is all I can say.

Chloe is holding a four leaf clover that matches her dress and on the clover, I embroidered “luck” in Chinese characters. It took some researching but I’m happy with the result.

This Chloe is in the shop. But if she does not get purchased by July 11, she will be at the fair šŸ™‚

Big sis/lil sis with reversible capelets! Curdoroy, nonetheless! Let me tell you that this material is quite difficult to work with for a beginner sewer like myself.

And I’m starting to knit again. It’s like riding a bike…you never forget! Well…if you were to ask my husband, he’d probably say that I did forget. all because of one incident! he fails to remember all the important details of our lives (alot of details) but remembers the stupidest thing about how terrified I was about riding down a steep hill (on a rented bike, near mountains and a body of water) so I opted to walk myself AND the bike down! To this day, he likes to make fun of that ONE incident!

Stay tuned! Lil sis just went in for her 4D ultrasound. I’ll let her be the one to make the announcement…is it a BOY or a GIRL???

Big sis