I know bis sis is still on a high from the craft fair.  I was excited for the fair too, but some other exciting things have been on my mind besides the fair including the fact that I’M HAVING A GIRL!  I had the 4D ultrasound, and it was amazing to see the lil one moving around, covering her face with her hands, and just turning round and round in my belly.

I’m in a bit of a dilemma because I’m in a wedding in August, and I unfortunately cannot fit into my bridesmaid dress because my friend bought it last year in my original size.  BTW, my pregnany was unplanned.  My girlfriend got the bridesmaid dress two sizes bigger, and because she’s my best friend, she said she would suck it up and wear the smaller one for me and I could wear hers!  Makes me so happy that I have such great friends!  She’ll be dieting and walking her dog much more this month just for me!  haha…thanks SKB if you’re reading this.  Granted, we both have to alter our dresses but I’m just crossing my fingers that when I see my alteration lady, everything will work out.

As for my take on the fair, I thought it was great just like Big Sis said.  We met so many wonderful, talented crafters/jewelers that are on etsy as well.  We loved our space location, we thought the turnout was pretty good esp because we didn’t know what to expect as this was our first one, and we learned a lot of tips and information from the other vendors.  We want to do more fairs towards the holiday, but I feel bad because I probably won’t be able to participate because it will be nearing my due date!  Can Big Sis do it alone?  haha I think so…actually I know so.

Thanks for the support everyone!  It was a blast – free popcorn, DJ playing hip-hop and slow jams, and all the wonderful new friends we met!

lil sis