My sis and I have been brainstorming ideas and getting all excited by ourselves 🙂 You should hear us on the phone…well, it’s probably just me squealing. It doesn’t take too much for me to get all excited. It’s all about the little things!

So we’ve been talking about Christmas! I know, it’s only July! But we’ve been accepted into another craft fair scheduled for the end of November so I feel as though we have GOT TO GET TO WORK! My brain is like mush these days…can’t seem to remember anything. I have resorted to making lists and going through checklists. Just to let you in on a lil secret, I am super organized but my memory is nowhere to be found! My g-friend always makes fun of me b/c I can’t remember anything! anybody! So my checklist has become my best friend. Yes, it is very sad and I’m so young!

Anyways, we’ll be sure to post pictures of our new projects once we get started. We have lots of ideas that just float around but we never seem to have the time to really complete or even start them! Lil sis, you MUST quit your job! We’ve even talked about hiring people…too funny!

We just posted some paperweights in the shop so be sure to check them out! We’ll be posting some more including big sisters and lil sisters in the upcoming weeks.

Big sis