You might be reading the title and wondering what I’m going to write. Well, it’s pretty disappointing. I’m disappointed, my co-worker is disappointed…it’s just plain wrong! This is gonna be long…

My co-worker had a flat tire yesterday, so she drove to work with a spare. Well lo and behold, when she was leaving work to go home, she noticed her spare was flat. So she called me at work and asked if I could take her to the tire store to get her original tire fixed. We went to the tire store, got the tire patched up, and I brought her back to work to her car. My immediate thought was well, wait a minute…who is going to change your tire from your spare to this tire?

My co-worker said she knew how to change a tire and that it wasn’t going to be a problem. She insisted that I go home since I already did enough for her. Well, I couldn’t do that. Even with my preg self, I knew I wasn’t going to be much help, but I stood by her for support. I have never changed a tire nor have I seen someone do it, but I figured I could at least hand her the tools???

She started raising the jack, and tried to loosen the lugnuts but NO LUCK. By this time, it was a little past 5:00PM – the prime time of when people are going home. I figured that my co-worker could depend on one of the guys at work to help loosen the lugnuts. At least 6 guys passed us…some stared, some smirked, and some just plain ignored us. My co-worker and I didn’t know any of these guys because our company is HUGE and we probably only know 10% of the people that work in our office. But still, is that an excuse for these men to walk by and not ask us if we needed help?

Finally, after being super annoyed with the situation, I grabbed the next guy that was walking to the parking lot and asked if he could help. He said sure, did his thing, and then went on his merry way. He didn’t ask if we needed help with changing the tire out, nor did he really comment on anything else. He just left! Now I understand people want to go home to their kids, families, happy hour, wherever and whatever their situation may be…but c’mon. If there are ladies that need help (one being pregnant!), wouldn’t you just give up 10-15 minutes of your time? Then I thought, maybe these pathetic guys didn’t want to embarrass themselves by offering help only to realize they didn’t know what to do.

My co-worker said she could finish changing the tire so she continued to do her thing. I continued to count the number of men walking to their cars as she was on her hands and knees trying to replace the tire.

As I was thinking what a disappointed day this was to see men and even women pretty much walking past us like we didn’t exist, our shuttle bus dropped off a sweet, caring young gentleman to help finish our work. The bus driver kept apologizing to us that he couldn’t stop to help, but we understood that his job was on the line if he stopped his bus routine. So he asked E to help us.

E completed the work, and even taught us a few things along the way. After 45 minutes and about 15 men passing us by, the tire was replaced and we both were able to go home. We texted each other on our way home about how shocked we still were about the lack of manners or values in men these days. Where have all the good men gone? Long story…if you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading.

P.S. On another note, big sis and I had to replenish our Japanese fabrics, so we made a big purchase the other day. I’m so excited for the fabrics to come in. Here is a sneak preview on some of the ones we bought – I’m especially happy to see the apples.

For some reason, I love black fabric, probably because one of my favorite colors is black! So…stay tuned for new dolls and paperweights!
lil sis