going to classes (classes for my twins, that is) alone. It is quite silly, I suppose. I do everything else with them by myself…take them to the park, take them the museum, the zoo, the market, the dreaded post office, you get the picture. But I’m so hesitant about taking them to classes alone. I may have become a little dependent on my mother-in-law. Since I started enrolling them, she has always accompanied me. It makes my life SOOOO much easier when I have another person with me, as you can imagine.

So now that they are a bit older, I have decided that I must master this! The only problem is…my daughter is very spirited (aka feisty as heck!) and when she decides to get upset, I just leave the class knowing that my mother-in-law will stay with my son. Guess the only way I’ll figure out how to handle her behaviors will be to immerse myself in it and figure it out then.

Since I’m on the subject of my twins…have you guys watched Jon and Kate Plus 8? I started watching the show when mine were born and Kate was such an inspiration to me. The fact that she can juggle her 8 kids AND be SO organized. When I would have tough days, I just reminded myself that there was someone out there who had alot more on her plate than I did. But sad to say, I find myself getting very annoyed with her now! The way she treats her husband was amusing in the beginning but now it’s just sad 😦 I feel so bad for him when I watch how she “reprimands” him on TV! I know, he’s a fool for taking it and allowing her to speak in that manner but it doesn’t make it right. And her OCD…how can you not allow your kids to get dirty when taking them to a bakery to make cupcakes or paint pottery when you are the one taking them there. I know, I have a choice to watch or turn to another channel but her kids are so darn cute! I guess Kate’s behaviors are another reminder to me…that I MUST NOT be so OCD when it comes to my kids getting dirty or messy.

On the crafty side…lil sis has been busy working on some custom orders and me…let’s just say I’ve been working at a snail’s pace! I’m hoping to have a few dolls completed by next week. We are working on adding a slightly different design to some of the dolls so be sure to stay tuned.

Big sis