So my hubs and I finally made the decision to go on a babymoon next month. I know some people are iffy about flying during pregnancy, but I asked my doctor about it and she said to go for it as long as it’s before 34 weeks. Just gotta pray that everything will be alright…

We’ll be spending three nights and four days in Maui. I heard Costco has awesome vacation deals, and I called them this morning and got a great quote for the Hyatt. I didn’t want to commit before calling W, and unfortunately I couldn’t get a hold of him while I had the Costco lady on hold. I finally called again about four hours later to reserve the same exact vaca deal, and the price went up almost $900! Geez. Who knew airfares could change so drastically within a day??

So when W got home, we quickly did some research and found the same vaca deal as Costco for almost the same amount I was originally quoted. Score! Now I just need to find a bigger bathing suit πŸ™‚


Update on lil sprinkles – Big sis searched high and low for perforated price tags and business cards for our upcoming fairs, and she was able to find a reputable guy to do it for a decent price. I saw a preview of what they look like, and they’re too cute! We finally have a logo, so my next job in the coming weeks is to create a banner for our Etsy shop. We’ve been using a generic banner, so I gotta get on that!

I’m so excited for the next few weeks. We’ve been busy filling custom orders, and I truly think the fair is one of the main reasons for our recent requests. The fair was a great way to advertise!