I’ve been so tired! Even taking pictures of the dolls seem to be a chore…there must be something in the air. Or it could be that by keeping my kids so busy, I have over-extended myself. The past week was so full of activities…to our Jiggles and Giggles class (that really is the name; I’m not making it up), the OC fair (LOVE LOVE LOVE the food! but do you really need to eat a $5 cupcake? or a $5 hot dog? YES!), the circus, and a birthday party! Thank goodness this week will be a boring week! I never thought about it but having kids is quite expensive and having twins just raises the costs that much more! We were able to enjoy the “2 and under” deals but it looks like we’ll be having to pay for a family of 4 now. And all these toddler activities are not cheap by any means but it must be done. So I’ll just have to suck it up, take lots of pictures, and keep reminding them and showing pictures of all the places I’ve (we’ve) taken them because you know they won’t remember 🙂

I’ve FINALLY finished up some dolls. My sis changed one feature of our dolls for the fair we were in and I thought it was so darn cute! (drum roll please…) INTRODUCING…

MARY JANE’S!!! How cute are they???

Tory, the one on the right, is now in the shop. She is sportin’ some light green Mary Jane’s. And if you look very carefully at the lil sis, you can see the second feature we will be adding to some of the dolls…fabric covered buttons. How cute are they?!!! I’m so excited! They are super easy to do! If I had the time, I would give you a tutorial but for now, this will have to do.

Have a great Monday!

Big sis