So, for some time, I have thought and thought about how to maximize the space issue in our office/craft room. I am so lucky to have met someone who enjoys to live in a clutter-free, mess-free house. Most of the time, everything has its place and usually it is put back in its place. EXCEPTION to that rule…when you run out of space! Half of our office was like a jungle! There were bags stacked up on top of each other, bags of felt here, bags of felt there, baskets of stuff here, boxes of fabric there. And normally, that would drive me crazy but what is a girl to do when she doesn’t have her own craft room?!!! So, until we move into a bigger house, this tiny tiny rolling cart will do.

I know what you are thinking? where is all the other stuff? I have lots of “things” stuffed inside of bins, inside of our office closet! So what did I do?

Step 1: Purchase bin from Target…on sale for $9!

Step 2: Got some ideas from Silliesmile’s post on how to organize your fabric. I spent some time cutting cardboard to size last night and then started wrapping my fabric. I have tons more cardboard to cut but I thought I’d show you my progress.

Step 3: Once all my fabric is wrapped, I am planning on color coordinating it ALL and organizing it by design! My life is so exciting!

Sis and I have thought about including some boys in our collection. I am all for boys playing with dolls. It fosters creativity, imagination, and most importantly, it cuts back on the fighting between my girl and boy. I made one for my son with one of his old T-shirts. He could care less now since he is all about anything with wheels but at least he has one when he’s in the mood to play with a doll. Anyways, I digress…this lil guy is in the shop.

I don’t know if we’ll be making any more. I guess we’ll see how popular he is. If you are wanting a doll for your son and want us to recycle one of his shirts, e-mail us! It seems to be easier to do with boys since you can always pair a T-shirt with jeans!

I’m off to do my favorite thing…pay bills!

big sis