My kids and I have reached another milestone in our lives…going out to eat at a restaurant by myself! For those of you who have/had 2 year olds, you know how restless they get during mealtime. And with my 2, they just follow after one another; so if one wants down, the other does too. If ones wants to wander off, the other does too. They barely sit in their chairs. So then why would I want to do this to myself? I LOVE to eat and I had been craving Mexican food for some time. I thought…should I call my in-laws??? But this is another thing that I must master! So I did what I always do before activities…talk to them about what is appropriate behavior and why they must sit in their chairs because mommy is by herself and will freak if they decide to throw a tantrum and we’ll all have to leave without enjoying some chips and salsa! OK, so I left the last part out. And we did it! We went to the restaurant way before the lunch crowd and they were angels! Hurray for us!!! My daughter attempted to have a meltdown but got over it after I reminded her that we couldn’t take the chips and salsa home 🙂

I’ll leave you with this picture…our newest set of sisters. I blogged about lil sis here. And unfortunately, big sis is no longer available. She was purchased just as I was finishing her up. They are a cute duo!

Thanks to JustJenn for mentioning us in her blog. You are too sweet!!! I don’t know how she does it…she has a job, 2 kids, a side business, bakes, cooks, AND blogs!

big sis