I shared with my husband my exciting news about going out to eat by myself with the kids and you know what his reaction was???

Husband: Is it that big of a deal?

Me: Well, you would never think of doing something like that!!! (with horror that he would try to minimize my successful trip to El Torito!!!)

Husband: I know, but that’s me.

Of course, I wasn’t going to let it end there. Can’t take away my thunder just like that! But he clarified and I forgave his callousness 🙂 I can write this all here b/c he doesn’t read our blog and I don’t think he’ll ever. So what I wanted to clarify just so I don’t give off the impression that my kids and are hermits (not that there’s anything wrong with being one), we have eaten at fast food-ish places by ourselves just not sit down, order food, wait for food, entertain kids by myself, pack up kids’ stuff, pay bill, and make it out in one piece kind of places 🙂

Another thing I need to clarify…this is for you, Silliesmile’s husband…I did not raise my twins completely on my own. When they were born, my husband took a few days off here and there. Yes, you read that correctly, only a few days off here and there! Hmmm…I sound bitter, don’t I? I’m not; he had to do what he had to do. But I also had my mom for about 1.5 weeks and then here and there too. It was extremely hard for me in the beginning b/c I hated to see both of them cry and not be able to pick both of them up…so hard b/c they were so so tiny. It was then that we decided to hire a high school student for the summer (twins were born in May). When the student went back to school, we tried a live-in nanny for a week but that situation was crazy in itself, and it was at that point that I decided to raise them on my own. So technically, I had help with them until they were 5 months old.

And how did I manage? Hmmm…alot is a blur 🙂 I have to give some credit to my husband. He helped ALOT at night b/c I was so determined to nurse both of them and so I nursed, passed a baby to my husband who then fed with a syringe filled with milk that I pumped or formula…yes, we are both neurotic like that! AND I MUST give credit to my organizational skills! I kept a chart on them. Oh, you know…the usual things like how many times did they pee, poop, time of feeding, length of feeding, nap, how long they napped, so forth. I lived off of this chart out of fear that I would miss something from being so tired! Funny when I think about it now but it saved my life! I had multiple copies everywhere. If I got up to nurse, I would crouch down by the nightlight to complete it! Did I mention that I’m neurotic?! It saved my life (and probably theirs 🙂 If anyone is interested in having a copy of this life saving chart let me know and I can e-mail it to you!

OK, so this post had nothing to do with crafting but I wanted to clarify a few things and let you all in on a lil secret…I’M NEUROTIC AND PROUD OF IT!

big sis