Guess who went to Disneyland with two 2 year old toddlers all by her lonesome self?! MEEEEEE! Yes, I’m excited! A girlfriend of mine gave me some tips on how to get on the tram without assistance (that was my only fear about going by myself). And if you have a double stroller, you know those things are NOT light and although I have been working out đŸ˜‰ to lift something so bulky that high up without hurting yourself…let’s just say, it’s not an easy task and I know I will have some bruises to show for it. All worth it. And please, those battle wounds are nothing compared to the ones on my tummy from my skin stretching to the MAX! But that’s a different story…

We left in one piece and I must admit this has been my most challenging outing. We were barely able to ride any rides b/c most of the kiddy rides only have enough space for one adult and one child. So it looks like I’ll have to leave those rides for the weekend when my husband can join us.

I completed some paperweights a couple nights ago and they are now in the shop.

Yes, in some aspects, my sis and I have similar tastes. Guess she likes the panda print too! I am currently working on the most cutest custom order. Can’t wait to show you what she looks like. She has not been shipped so you will have to wait a bit to see how she turns out.

big sis