Aloha!  I just got back from Maui, and it was such a nice getaway for me and the hubs.  This trip was an eye-opener for me.  I can’t believe the special treatment I got just because I’m preggers!  First off, people in the airplanes were so gracious enough to let me cut in line for the restroom so I never had to wait.  Secondly, when we got to the Hyatt, the desk attendant upgraded us four grades above our plain ‘ol garden view room to a deluxe room with a beautiful ocean view.  We told her we were on our babymoon, and she excused herself to go talk to someone in the back room and came out with the wonderful news.  Our room was situated so perfectly, right smack in the middle of the hotel so our view was of the pool overlooking the ocean.  Finally, on my plane ride back to LA, the check in lady gave me an Economy Plus Seat (normally you have to pay additional $$) so I had extra leg room.  I’m sure she just threw it in because it was not occupied, but I want to believe she gave that to me because of my circumstance.  Who knew that being preg meant people were extra nice to you??  I love it!

I have to say Maui was the best island out of the three I’ve visited.  Kauai was too calm and tranquil for us.  I like to describe W and I as adventurous and people watchers, so Kauai was too peaceful or shall I say a lil too boring.  When I went to Oahu with my girlfriends, it was perfect because we acted like all the rest of the tourists and pretty much blended in with the packed crowds.  It was just a bit too touristy for me.  Maui was the perfect mix!

I only took a few pictures because I had a horrible time remembering to bring my camera.

The view from our room and the inside of our hotel:

The penguins chillin in the hotel:

Here is a pic of W getting ready to go parasailing and another one of him up in the air.  Can you see him???

We planned this parasailing adventure around my spa time, so right after I got all my blackheads extracted, I ran down to the beach so I could see him off.  BTW, another reason why I didn’t want to take pics is that my forehead is a disaster.  Ever since I’ve entered into my second tri, I’ve broken out like there’s no tomorrow.  It’s been hard getting used to all these pimples, but what can I do, right?  Hormones!  The Vitamin C facial included a session of extractions, so I can honestly say I have about 20 small scabs scattered everywhere on my face.  Thank goodness I brought a hat!

This is a scenic pic of “The Big Beach” and a funny looking bird that kept hanging by my towel.

If you ever go to Maui, you must try Tasaka Guri Guri in the Maui Mall right next to the OGG airport.  My brother in law’s father recommended that place and told us it was a mixture between sherbet/ice cream that was only made there and could not be found anywhere else.  How intriguing!  We trekked up there the second day.  It was prob almost an hour drive from our hotel, and we just fell in love with it!  They only have two flavors – pineapple and strawberry.  Pineapple is our favorite!  We had to get the guri guri one more time before leaving Maui, so we checked out a little earlier to go on our last day.

I’ll leave you with one final pic of this famous guri guri:


Now on to making some big sis dolls for our shop 🙂

-lil sis