So the kids and I were at the post office this morning and this man got in line and yelled out “Hi”. He had sunglasses on and seemed to be looking right at our direction. I went along my business and decided to check out the boxes before exiting. HUGE mistake!

Sidenote: For those who know me, I am a bit of a paranoid germophobe but I keep that in check and to myself. My sis is worse than me…she’s the one you see using an elbow or pulling her sleeves down just so she doesn’t have to touch the crosswalk button. I mean…I’m not bad 🙂 I’ll still take my kids to the mall play area (you know that place NEVER gets washed down or disinfected!!!), the pet store, the park, community places, etc…but I ALWAYS carry hand sanitizer in all my bags and make sure that their hands get washed after EVERY activity. Plus, when one gets sick, you can be absolutely positively sure the other one will get sick and get it worse!

So, back to the story…I’m checking out the boxes and out of nowhere the man reappears. He didn’t seem like a homeless person but…there was definitely something a little off. He comes over to us and speaking very loudly, asks my name and introduces himself. That’s fine and all but then his hand reaches out and touches my kids’ heads! Oh my…I almost had a panic attack. AND that’s not the worst part…he wants to shake my hand! If my husband was there, he would have known exactly what to do and say even if it was offensive. Boy, do I wish he was there! I’m that type of person who can’t think of things to say at the moment but relives it afterwards and comes up with a million things! So I didn’t want to be rude and if he was a bit slow, then good for him for introducing himself to us and wanting to shake my hand, right? So I did it, I shook his hand…and he didn’t want just that! He wanted to do the whole hand-shake-jive-thing (don’t know what that move is called, but you know what I’m talking about). His hands were SOOOO rough and while looking at them, I noticed they were filthy! And that’s when my OCD kicked in. I immediately rushed home (the Purell in my car was almost out and I knew I did not have enough to feel good about just using that amount), and washed my hands with LOTS of soap before going to play at the park with the kids. Yes, I know…it’s a bit much. BUT STILL! The whole time at the park…I was thinking of all the things I could have said to him. But what nice thing can you say and not offend someone who just wants to shake your hand? And then I go into parent mode…what if I refused nicely and he gets all belligerent in front of my kids. Better to just suck it up and shake that poor man’s hand, right?

I’m hoping that there is no next time but if there is and I am faced with the same situation…I’ll just pick both of my kids up and run for the door! 🙂

big sis