I saw a pillow of this sorts in an ad and modified it to my liking…just for my lil guy. He is out of the phase of playing with “dolls” but he is definitely into softies with pictures of vehicles! So what I did…

It is one pillow with vehicles on both sides.

1. Draw a picture of an airplane, helicopter, jet plane, space shuttle, glider, whatever you want.

2. Trace it onto felt and cut them out.

3. Cut 2 squares of fleece for your cloud; you can use blue or white.

4. Pin the vehicles down to your cloud (may get a bit tricky if you use different colors for different parts of the vehicle; if you are a beginner, you may just want the whole vehicle in one color and add accent pieces in different colors and embroider those on)

5. Sew one vehicle on to one square and the other vehicle on to the other square

6. Right sides facing together, pin the edges and you can either draw a cloud and then sew or just eyeball it. Make sure you leave an opening so that you can flip it inside out.

7. Stuff it and sew it closed.

And if you want to get really fancy, you can add a picture of your lil one in the center of your vehicle…as if he/she was driving it!

Now, if I was really good at this blogging and tutorial stuff, I would have taken pictures of each step. But I’m new to it all and by the time I remember to take pictures, I am almost done 😦 So let me know if you have any questions.

He loves his new pillow! …which make me a very happy mommy!

big sis