Here’s a custom doll I just finished up. Lil sis has been busy pluggin’ away so I’ve been monopolizing our blog 🙂 The beginning of the month is super busy for her…what did she call it? My mind…mush. Some kind of forecast…no, I think that’s what my husband calls his busy time. Darn. Whatever…Anyways, just one more month of “forecasting” and then you’re free, lil sis!

And one more that I completed awhile back but wanted to wait until the birthday girl received it.

Sorry about the dark photo, I get most of my crafting done in the evening so sometimes pictures are also taken then too.

Husband has been out of town all week so I have become a single parent. Hey, but it’s not like when he is in town, I’m not a single parent. But still…it’s the idea, I guess. Anyways, my in-laws, who are retired, have been coming over every evening bringing us dinner. I LOVE living 5 minutes away from them! My father-in-law was watching a show on Food Network about donuts and all the kids talked about yesterday evening was “donuts, donuts”. I have been SOOOO good about limiting my kids’ sweet intake. They still get watered down juice and NO candy! They think that candy is for smelling 🙂 And can you believe, they have not had a donut? But in my defense, they have had Sprinkles’ cupcakes. So this morning I promised them the ultimate…Krispy Creme’s. Yum…I drove 20 minutes to get to the nearest one and can you believe that they don’t make their doughnuts in the store anymore! I was so excited that they were going to be able to watch the process but alas, their last “show” was in 2006! My goodness, has it been that long since I’ve had one of their doughnuts??? Needless to say, they loved their doughnut holes! We dropped a batch off at my in-laws and can you believe what they asked me at 10 in the morning??? DO YOU WANT TO HAVE MEXICAN FOR DINNER??? Life is good for us retirees…

big sis