Part two

I have to admit…I’m a bit of a girly girl myself so I try my hardest to not break a sweat. Well, since we got our Disneyland passes, we have made 5 trips. Today was the 2nd trip by myself with the kids. Same routine…I get ready before kids get up, get them ready, and we are out the door. Breakfast? in the car…pre-packed from the night before 🙂 So because I don’t like to get all grimy and sweaty, I checked the weather hour-by-hour yesterday evening and thought I can handle 80 degrees. OH MY GOODNESS! NOT 80 degrees…try more like 86 degrees! Yes, the 6 degrees makes a difference here in LA. THE HOT SUN BEATS DOWN ON YOU!!! There is no escaping it! But you do what you gotta do for your kids.

The other day we made a visit to one of our fav stores, Target. Favorite b/c my kids could stay in there and play for like a hour with all of their toys 🙂 Anyways, I never noticed this before…I don’t know how I missed it but I have discovered my 99 cent store! (it’s really $1). I LOVE that section and I make a point in going down each aisle and section during each visit unless my husband is with me 😦 Look what I found this week!

You get two bowls or two plates for $1. My kids loved them! I think I’ll have to go a bit more often…this may be the way to go for my sis baby shower favors (not the plates, of course).

I have been working on a few more dolls and I’m thinking I may slow down a bit so that I can focus fully on my sis shower. Her shower is only a month away. I make it sound like a wedding! But you see…the only time I have is in the evening. That means couple hours here and there…I need some down time too! Anyways, one of the dolls has a bird as an accessory. If you know me, then you know I loathe those creatures! Even while I was making it, I was thinking “goodness, this thing is so gross”. But I don’t want to give away all my secrets so you will have to wait and see why this particular doll needs a bird as a friend.

Well, thanks for listening to my hodgepodge post. I must be tired…do you ever get those moments when you’re taking a shower and you can’t remember if you’ve washed your hair or if you’ve actually washed your body with soap? It was one of those days. I am probably squeaky clean 🙂

big sis