The kids and I started our mommy and me classes. Like always, I have over-extended myself. Another tidbit about me…I’m a huge fan of staying at home; yep, that’s me…the ultimate homebody! I don’t feel the need to always be out and about. I don’t get too stir crazy unless I have two kids on top of me all day long 🙂 So, we’ll have to see how long I can go to “school” 4 times a week with them. I may have to cut back or ditch a few classes so we can go to Disneyland and my favorite place of all (not being sarcastic), Chuck E Cheese! Love their salad bar! I know, I can just eat about anything and be happy. My boy is just like me too. You should see him dancing around when he gets his “treat”, usually it’s a cookie or ice cream. Not that big of a deal but I get the same way when my husband surprises me with Srinkles cupcakes or the ultimate…a slice of banana cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.

Crafty side of things? not much going on…Lil sis has been working on a custom order, a big sis/lil sis duo, which she claims is the cutest set she has done so far. Me? trying to finish up the accessories of my dolls and hoping that they will be ready for the shop by next week.

Sis baby shower invites have been mailed today, which means time is ticking…

big sis