well, only if you received one of these…

So, after a couple of weeks of sketching, surfing the internet, and soul searching 🙂 this onesie card became the design of my sis baby shower invitations. I cannot take credit for this cute creation. Here is where I got the idea. Again, I modified it to my liking. And I must say, it is quite cute; at least, my daughter (who is 2) and I seem to think so. And can you believe that I had to go to 3 craft stores (including a scrapbooking store) to find the polka dot paper??? This was not exactly the color scheme I was going for but again, I COULD NOT find a store that carries brown paper with pink or cream polka dots!!! UGH! This is what happens when you have very specific taste or a very specific vision. Anyways, I like things very simple and minimal so I opted to make the collar and ruffles by the leg openings bigger and leave out the brads/buttons on the bottom of the onesie. So here’s what I did differently…(WARNING: Due to my horrible memory, you will not see any pictures that go along with the steps. Unfortunately, this will be the only picture you get)

1. I did not want to buy nor search for SU punch makers so I used my Creative Memories one. You will use the punch for the neck and leg holes. Use Lauren’s tutorial as a guideline and for pictures. The one big mistake I made…well, it wasn’t really a mistake b/c I would have done it the same way…if you are going to use heavy cardstock, your punch will not punch through both sheets. So I made a template like the one you see in the picture and lightly penciled it onto EACH PIECE OF PAPER and cut EVERYTHING out by hand. Another warning: you WILL get blisters! 🙂 So do a couple a night. Oh, I used plain ol’ scalloped scissors to make my scallops (around the neck, legs, and on the bottom of the vellum, which will soon be explained).

2. Find a cute stamp! Easy task, right? WRONG! Again, b/c of my vision of the end product, I searched high and low for ideas. and finally found this stamp from Ebay. It was awesome b/c I was able to incorporate tiny rhinestone stickers for the center of the flower.

3. Now for the inside, I wanted it to be simple on the inside so I opted for vellum. I will let you in on a lil secret (I’m full of secrets, btw), vellum SMEARS/BLEADS!!! but don’t give up on it, this is what you do. You print it on the “fast/economical” setting. This reduces the amt of ink that is used and thus NO smearing! Took me one evening to research this and here you get this lil piece of advice for absolutely NOTHING! I let mine dry for a day, just to be on the safe side. Then, I cut out a template (as seen in the picture) and traced that to all my sheets of vellum and cut it out. I used a glue stick to affix the vellum to the invitation.

4. Stuff them in your envelope and YOU ARE ALL DONE!!!

So there’s my “lazy” tutorial. The end product, although not EXACTLY what I had in mind, came out cute. Lil sis just got hers in the mail and thought so too so that’s all that counts!

big sis