If you guessed this lil birdie was a parrot, then you were absolutely right!

So I’ve been thinking of some Halloween-type ideas for the shop and I thought it would be perfect to create a lil pirate sprinkles! Here she is in all her glory…

She is a cutie patootie! She has a lovely pocket with bones embroidered on it to hold her accessories; can’t see the bones here in these pictures but you can check it out here. As far as accessories, she has a bandana that that can be tied but not removed. She has a removable eye patch made specifically for her head size. And most importantly, you ain’t a pirate unless you have a parrot! The parrot’s feathers were individually sewn by hand and I was able to make the beak a bit crooked just with a needle and some thread! She is in the shop as we speak…as I type 🙂

Happy Monday!

big sis