So the last couple of times we’ve visited Disneyland, the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage line has been SO. VERY. LONG. The last time the kids and I went, we arrived ten minutes after 9 (when they open) and the line was already 30 minutes long! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Where do these people come from? So I had to ask one of the workers…why? how? is it worth it? My husband and I have not been on this ride since it has been remodeled so we just couldn’t understand. So we made it our mission on Sunday to be the first ones in line…or at least one of the first few peops in line. We arrived at Disneyland 5 minutes before it opened. They allow you into the park prior to 9 but little did we know, you have to wait on Main Street like a herd of animals. And I’m talking a HERD! Someone said a lil something on the speaker and some bell rings and we are off! Now mind you…there is a prize at the end of this race! NOT!

Husband’s job? push the wide bus that we call a stroller. My job? lead the way. But it doesn’t always work that way, esp when you have a husband who is highly competitive and can easily stray when he has another plan that he never let you in on! So I’m leading the way when I notice he loses sight of me. No, he does not stop to get his bearing but instead goes off on another path! WHY? such a man thing to do! Meanwhile, I can see that we are about to lost this race. I stop, get his attention, and we finally make it to the line. Let me tell you…we hauled butt! and we were not the first few…the wait was already 20 minutes! OMG! HOW? WHY? IS IT REALLY WORTH IT? In the midst of our made-up race, we almost lost our daughter. THE PANIC!!! I was waiting in line and husband was taking the kids out of the stroller and parking it when he tells my 2-year-old daughter to go find me in line. WHAT WAS HE THINKING?!!! so my cute lil daughter does just that…makes a beeline to the front of the line. It was a few seconds that we didn’t know where she was but it was so frightening.

The big question…was it worth it? NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. My kids got scared that it was so dark in there…that the submarine shook when it went under…that scary, horrible, sharks with their mouths wide open and their sharp teeth exposed would pop out in the dark…Ugh. Well, at least now I know and I guess that makes me a better person.

big sis