Big sis, my bro-in-law, and my hubs all make fun of me for being a miniature version of my mom.  Hence, my nickname is “Mini-mom”.  There are little things my mom and I have in common such as liking Asian decor, enjoying the same weird foods, and our love for frozen grapes.  Ever since I got pregnant, I’ve been wanting to eat frozen grapes (btw, they have to be green…red grapes don’t have the same tart flavor) on a weekly basis.  I call them candy because I try to stay away from real candy because I just can’t afford gaining more weight.  :O(

If you haven’t tried freezing grapes, I highly recommend it because it’s healthier than your normal dessert and it’s really satisfying on a hot day even though we’re inching towards fall.

I’ll leave ya with a pic of my last custom doll order.  This was for a pair of paperweights for a soon-to-be married couple.  Since I’m finally done with the custom orders this week, I’m going to try my hardest to finish up a Halloween dollie set to debut this Thursday…

lil sis