When I was 13 weeks along with my twins, I noticed that the cyst on my thyroid was becoming quite large. It was like an adam’s apple! It was so big that you could see it go up and down every time I swallowed. Of course, I had to go see a specialist, get an ultrasound, and lastly a biopsy! My dr at the time did not help when he mentioned that IF it was cancerous, then they would wait to do the surgery until after my twins were born. WHAT??? Cancer? Why bring it up when I’m ALONE and CRYING in your office, you big, insensitive dork!!! Anyways, it was benign and I just had to live with what I called my goiter 🙂 It finally subsided after I finished nursing the twins but it was a nightmare from start to finish.

So, b/c of this goiter…now just a cyst…prob the size of a grape…I see my new endocrinologist every 6 months. And for the past 2 years, I have received nothing but bad news. My thyroid just seemed to be quitting on me, which was making me a bit sad. I thought of everything to combat it. But just so you know, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING you can do. Mind over matter though, right? I decided to eat normal portions (I was eating like a maniac b/c I was nursing my twins) and I hit the gym…hardcore too! I was going like 3-4 times in the evening, after spending all day with the kids, and having close to zero energy. Hey, I wasn’t about to just wait it out and see if my thyroid was going to collapse on me…I was going to be proactive! I thought that if I could live a healthy lifestyle and my thyroid still decided to “die”, then at least I would have no regrets. Did it work? I am happy to say that my thyroid level is almost in the normal range…not quite there but I’m not in the fifth percentile anymore (meaning 95% of the population have thyroid levels better than me). HOORAY!!!

So the next q I had to ask my dr was…is it safe to have another baby? or will I stress my thyroid again to the point of no return??? Answer…nobody knows. That’s medicine for you!

I am in no rush but it has been on my mind as of late. Could it be b/c my sis due date is nearing? that my kids are growing up so quickly? that I just visited a girlfriend of mine who has an infant? prob all reasons combined. but one thing I know for sure…I still have that “itch”. I don’t feel like I’m completely done. And with my thyroid being a happy camper…who knows.

Don’t take your health for granted! and NEVER underestimate the power of your mind! Happy Tuesday!

Will be in the shop very soon!

big sis