everywhere! Sorry for being MIA. Goodness, it has been non-stop-on-the-go. We have been jam packed with events, activities, just thinking about it makes me tired. We were scheduled to go to Disneyland on Sunday but we all woke up at 9:00 am!!! That is a record for us. I don’t think I’ve slept in until 9 since I had the twins…which would mean 2.5 years ago!!!Just goes to show you that we have all been tired.

The other day my kids and I were eating dinner. They were on to dessert when I decided to pull my car out from the garage and park it on the driveway. I opened the door only to find that my daughter was sobbing, looking for me, and my son was still trying to eat his ice cream while sobbing as well. I didn’t know what happened and assumed they had gotten into a fight. When I got them to quiet down, I asked what was wrong. And my poor son said “mommy, don’t leave. we hear car.” They both thought that I was leaving in the car. It was so sad that I got all choked up…the idea that they were so frightened b/c they heard my car start…well, it was just so sad. You see why I can’t send them to preschool??? πŸ™‚

Countdown to my sis baby shower…less than 2 weeks away! Will I be ready?

I’m planning on listing some new dolls mid-October. Hopefully lil sis can pick up the slack until then πŸ™‚

Reminder…our free shipping special ends tomorrow!

big sis