Gross title, huh? Aaahhh! So here’s the latest…I thought I was getting bit by mosquitos when I would go out and water the plants but turns out that there might be something in my living room or kitchen area that is biting my husband and I. Well, we think. Thank goodness they have stayed away from my kids b/c God know what I would do if it/they started to bite them! So being the neat freaks my husband and I are and b/c he absolutely DETESTS bugs (you should see him when I let a fly in…you would think that the world was coming to an end!), we made a plan.

We were only getting bit around our feet and ankle area so after some research, he determined it must be fleas! BUT WE DO NOT HAVE ANY ANIMALS!!! Whatever, let’s go with that idea… He sprayed the living area, which is carpeted, down with bug spray (didn’t ask more about it, b/c I don’t want to know). And we thought problem solved! We stopped getting bit for a few days but now they seemed to have come back with a vengeance! The next step will be to call an exterminator, unfortunately. Only problem is we still cannot determine if we are getting bit when we are outdoors or inside the house??? Now, why can’t 2 smart people figure that out? BECAUSE…we are constantly itchy and the bites seem to appear after we itch them and not right away, if that makes any sense. What to do??? I’m thinking of wearing some knee high socks until the weather cools down and the bugs go away 😦

If you need to find me…I’ll be the the big dork that’s wearing knee high socks in 80 degree weather with shorts and a tank top…watering my plants 🙂

big sis