My sis shower was a blast! All the stress paid off. I’ve realized something about myself, my sis…and let’s just throw my mom in too! We not only stress out (by ourselves) but stress each other out!!! Leading up to the shower, the pressure was on and stress was a bit high in our family. My husband says that it’s b/c we are made out of the same mold and we just egg each other on. Could be true.

Nevertheless, it was alot of fun and my sis got tons of cute gifts! So let’s get to the pictures…and b/c I don’t want to bore you and mainly, I do not have the time to sit on the computer for as long as I’d like 🙂 I’ll spread it out during the week. Hmm…where should I start? Let’s start with all the cute and fun decorations!

I knew I wanted to incorporate this. And b/c I LOVE and TREASURE scrapbooks and I knew I was going to do the typical “words of advice” book, check out the itty bitty clothesline!

Across the three windows, I pinned up paper onesies and dresses, each one very different from the other. The girls were asked to write a lil something for my sis.

And they were all going in here. I left one page empty so that the onesie/dress could be included and scrapbooked the other side with matching colors/designs.

Here’s another clothesline but with a different feel. My sis and I have always loved banners. We even considered making some out of felt and including them in our shop. But you know how that goes…

I was originally going to do triangles but came across a flower cut-out while searching for papers and decided that I could do this on my own and not spend the extra money buying the cut out. It was super easy and I was able to incorporate the color scheme!

And of course, I had to add the typical clothesline…

More to come tomorrow…

big sis

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