Part II of my sis shower…

I love Martha Stewart’s pom-poms. I would have loved to do the big ones and hang them from the ceiling but 1) I rented a space for the shower and did not want to tear off paint from the walls/ceilings 2) the ceilings were HIGH! (which I wouldn’t have known since I received the clubhouse keys a few days before the shower so it’s a good thing I didn’t make them!) and 3) this is the most important reason…I have finally come to terms with my limitations. Even I must admit defeat 🙂

So I made the next best thing…the napkin rings!

Now what I would have done differently…(you can learn from all my mistakes!) Martha says to use floral wire, which I did, but I found that it was a bit pokey after tying them around the napkin. By then, all the flowers were made so there was no way I was going to redo them. But I would have probably used ribbon or maybe even curling ribbon instead of the wire. I had extra flowers so I incorporated them here.

I made some “Baby Bunch Bouquets” with some modifications, of course. These are the materials I used and found it be easier vs. using the stem wires.

I just wrapped up the wires with floral tape. And here is the end result. Too bad I didn’t take a picture from the top (MUST HONE  MY PICTURE TAKING SKILLS!). It is a bit difficult to see the wrapped onesies but if you look hard, there is some white peeping out…those are the onesies 🙂

I don’t remember where I got this idea but it’s out there somewhere. I just took some cube-shaped boxes, wrapped them in white paper, added pastel strips, added letters to spell out “LILA” and voila! HUGE BABY BLOCKS!

I knew that people would only be able to see the front (where the letters are), the left side of the purple “L”, the right side of the “A” and the tops of the cubes so I covered them up. The rest of the sides are just white (saves lots of time!). In retrospect, I should have stuck with the color scheme but I ran out of supplies and time! Yes, 2 months of prepping was not enough…I kid.

Another thing I whipped up was drawstring baggies. Gosh, a tutorial would be helpful here but these were made late in the evening and I was barely awake myself…

I used muslin and spiced it up by adding a bit of color. I especially love the lil piggies! Bags had lil goodies inside and were the prizes for the games.

More to come tomorrow…let’s talk about food!!!

big sis

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