I DID IT! I joined all the vultures and hit the Charles David Warehouse sale. The whole outing was timed perfectly. Afterall, my kids CANNOT skip their naps and they have NEVER napped anywhere else besides their cribs (with the exception of our 2 vacas).  So I quickly dropped them off at my in-laws and headed over to Culver City. I was expecting the worse and I’m not a good “digger”…you know those people? those people who can dig through a sale and find lots and lots of things while you quickly peruse the area and get all giddy when you find ONE THING!

Lil sis was all excited for me too (and for herself). She’s one crazy mama! She is swollen to the max! and yet she still wants me to find some shoes for her…with the hopes that her feet will “unswell” back to pre-pregnancy size or close to.

I’m lucky that I have small feet! I found some heels and a pair for my sis, but really where am I going to wear these heels? Rationalized the purchase by telling myself that one of my g-friends will get married soon. And I can always plan a date night with my husband. In the end though, it was not worth the drive or my time. AND MY TIME IS PRECIOUS! I never give away my time unless it is truly worth giving and sharing 🙂

Oh well! You live and you learn. I’ll have to brainstorm some other places to wear my pretties!

big sis