I am barely surviving this week. and it’s only TUESDAY!

Let me give you a recap…

Husband has been a bit itchy since last week and then starting getting these funny looking spots on his chest. He left for a conference on Monday morning following a quick dr’s visit. Diagnosis? SHINGLES!!! Yes, he is under the age of 50! I think…actually I know his shingles came about from stress. I was so worried about my kids and them getting chicken pox. Although they did get their pox vaccination, the nurse said that they can still get a mild case of chicken pox. So I am on the lookout for any signs of itchiness! They do however have another cold. Let’s see…that’s 3 colds in a matter of a month and a half.

Today was our first Halloween parade! What fun it was!!! I baked cookies last night for the teacher only to find that I was able to fit a few in this tiny container.

And I stamped about 30 of these (if you look carefully, I stamped them close together so it would look like they are holding hands!!! 🙂 My kids’ names are under the little images. They are the cutest stamps!!!)

to put them here…

This was a first…I have never heard of a pumpkin hunt…

It was loads of fun! Even with their colds, my kids had alot of fun and couldn’t wait to come home and open their treats!

1 down, 2 more parades to go, 60 more labels to stamp. Hope you are having a great Tuesday!

big sis