Lil sis and I give each other an update at least once a day on our progress…doll making, of course. It’s funny, b/c I get so freaked out when she tells me that she is almost where I’m at. Don’t ask; I don’t know why. I guess I think that I should be further along. So I thought I should give you a peek.

This was taken at the beginning of the week…before all the Halloween festivities. And here is where I’m at now.

Doesn’t look like much has happened huh 🙂 You can’t really tell in the picture but I am almost done stuffing the 17 girls and hoping to move on to painting and accessorizing them this weekend and next. I’m absolutely sure it will take me longer than that b/c I have a few ideas up my sleeve. Let’s see if I can make them happen.

I was rushing to my TV last night expecting to watch Grey’s when I couldn’t find it on my Tivo. I almost freaked! Then I realized it was only Wednesday 🙂 Guess Wed are good days to catch up on my Oprah and Martha. I must say…I LOVE LOVE LOVE Oprah. I don’t know what it is about her but I just love watching most of her shows. Some I could do without. I was watching the one with Celine Dion and the kids and anytime I watch any kind of show with kids and illnesses, I have to get my tissue box. This one was no exception. I was almost bawling (while stuffing my dolls). I had to stop stuffing b/c I didn’t want my tears to POSSIBLY stain the dolls (knowing very well that it wouldn’t but you never know).

Happy Halloween Eve! (if there is such a thing)

big sis