So we had our last Halloween parade today and boy, did they get lots of treats! Don’t get it…why do people feel the need to give 1.5-3 year olds candy??? Why, oh why? I know…what’s Halloween without candy but don’t they know that crazy people like me don’t give their kids candy yet? and what shall I tell my kids? that they are toys? treats to smell and hold? things that will make their tummy ache? things you can eat when you get bigger?

So sad…but yes, these are all things my husband and I tell our kids 😦 But seriously, they will have tons of opportunities to eat candy when they get older so I’m going to hold out as long as I can! My kids will be the kindergardeners who tell their friends that candies are things that will make their tummy ache 🙂 I felt a tad bit guilty about it all so I let them eat all the cookies and other treats that their friends gave them. How long do you think I can keep up this charade?

Hope you all are having a wonderful Halloween! I can’t wait until tonight when we go trick or treating! I will be counting down to bedtime so I can gobble up all their candy!!!

big sis