I’m not one to really “call out” men who are good looking. You have those friends who like to comment on men they pass by? I don’t know why…I guess I’m so busy in my own thoughts or looking at other stuff that I don’t get a chance to “check out” the guy. But I ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS can spot this…a father and child duo sitting at a restaurant eating by themselves. Where is the mom? I have no idea but that right there, the sight of a man being able to handle his child (and it has to be a toddler, maybe even early school age), order food, eat, talk, pay, and do it ALL by himself…now, that is ATTRACTIVE! I just think it’s the cutest thing ever! My husband claims that he would be able to do that if there was only one but PU-LEASE! he can barely take the twins around the block by himself! I have not trained him well, I know. Sometimes, it’s just easier to do it yourself šŸ™‚

Anyways, reason why I bring this up…there are 2 fathers who attend my twice-a-week mommy and me class. How awesome is that! I mean, they could just stay at home with their sons (coincidentally, they have boys. I wonder if it would be different if they had girls…I digress) but they choose to bring their kids. Once, I praised one of the fathers and his response was “I have no choice”. Regardless, I think it’s great and really cute to watch.

We are now entering the show-and-tell portion of our class and you should see these parents…me included šŸ™‚ The child goes up and answers q’s asked by the teacher and then the kid goes running back to their parent. And it’s the same reaction from the parent…a huge smile. You’d think that the child won some special prize! My kids had their turn today and it was so rewarding to watch. I had to hold back my tears! I kid but I had to stop myself from jumping up and down!

Anyways, lil sis and are 2.5 weeks away from our first holiday fair and we are feeling it. I am adding a few “Hawaiian” girls but want them to still look like our dolls. Here’s one who is waiting to be accessorized.


I am still having such a hard time taking good pictures of the dolls. I have searched all over my house, inside and out. Maybe I’m over-thinking it. I’m hoping my next set of pictures will be a bit better.

big sis