So I have been struggling this past week with this q. I think that I have so much stuff going on that I am making myself question everything I’m doing! I know…I tend to stress myself out and it is all unwarranted. But remember…I’m an overachiever. So the question on my mind lately. Should I focus on the shop or should I focus on fairs. B/c really and truly, there is NO WAY that I can focus on both. I’ve been “trying” to do both or at least making notes on a few changes I’d like to implement in our shop but…why must I sleep? 2 things that I wish we didn’t have to do but LOVE doing: EATING and SLEEPING!

Anyways, I don’t like to slack off if I’ve made commitments to people so I’ve had to kinda-sorta-in-my-mind put the shop on hold. Ugh…how that annoys me but I just have to suck it up and get over it. Checklists and schedules are coming out nightly…I have 10 days (and by days, I mean evenings) left before the first holiday fair! I have nearly 11 girls completed and 8 waiting to be accessorized. They are pleading with me! I have 2 who are desperately waiting to make their debut, 7 paperweights that need to be stuffed, painted and accessorized, and 3 penguins who need to be “dressed”. PLUS, sis and I are throwing in a Christmas tree for holiday decor on our table and you know something Christmasy needs to be hanging from that tree! You like my checklist so far? And that’s not it…we’ve got 2 b-day parties to attend, husband and son’s haircut, and a field trip. SERENITY NOW!

So…I have no choice but to take a mini break from blogging as well. Oh, how I miss my computer and the internet already! I have been working like mad that I barely have time to check e-mails, my fav blogs, etc.

I’ll have some more exciting news to share when I come back. I hope to be back in full force next week 🙂

Have a great week everyone!!!

big sis