Was I really gone though? 🙂

First, no changes with my sis. She is still cooking her lil bun in the oven. Btw, there must be something about these fairs…she is moving yet again! AND the best part is, she will be 10 minutes away from me (vs. an hour and a half!) So, needless to say she is busy completing her dolls, packing up her place (she won’t be moving until 2 weeks after Lila is born), and getting ready for Lila’s arrival.

Second, I’m almost there…with completing all of my dollies! Sis and I decided no on the penguins. I am running desperately out of time and I have one last big project that I MUST complete. Here are some of my completed girls.




And my snow bunnies! My sis LOVES the cream colored felt so I decided to get some myself and they turned out so winter looking! Perfect for this 80 degree weather, huh? But if we did live in an area with typical seasons, they would be dressed to impress!

More pictures to come…

big sis