I did EVERYTHING on my checklist, and most importantly slept for almost 6.5 hours! Hooray! Although with all this excitement going on, my body seems to be kinda shutting down on me (knock on wood). Just one more day, body…stay with me.

So without further ado…wait, I must tell you the driving force behind this project. My sis and I wanted to implement something Christmasy at the fair. Afterall, it is considered a “X-mas boutique”. And we absolutely LOVE fabric covered buttons. AND we HATE wasting such cute fabric. AND we try our best not to dress our girls in the same outfits. Oh…don’t get me started on that! When is it OK to start repeating outfits, I wondered when I was young. Now, don’t care so much. You can catch me wearing the same outfit for days! 🙂 My husband makes fun of me by asking about my “uniform”! Anyways, this is what lil sis and I came up with…


It does take away the look of the Christmas tree but the presentation in person is adorable. I think…and really isn’t that all that matters? 🙂 Here are some close-ups. Thanks lil sis for designing the cards.




Ponytail holders

I know, this “BIG” project is all over ETSY. But it is such a great way to use up your fabric and not waste. and really wouldn’t it be so exciting to find one of these in your stockings this year! Maybe not…but whatever! My daughter loves her snap clips. Unfortunately, they take me FOREVER to make so I will not be including them in this round but rest assured, they will be on that darn Christmas tree by Dec 6!

Wish me luck!

big sis